Android Apps Development

The world has become tech savvy like never before. The use of smart phones has created a new platform for business and marketing. The online marketing is gaining pace and every business should have an online presence to make reasonable profits. A large percentage of mobile users relay on the android devices, making it important to have android apps for your company. The process of creating new applications for the Android OS is known as Android apps development. Android applications are developed using Java programming language, but there are other tools too. The Google Play app store has more than 675,000 apps which have been downloaded more than 25 billion times. As one out of two smart phones uses android OS, it is quite necessary for any business, irrespective of its turn out, to have an android application. A well designed app fulfills all your needs and supports users on multiple versions of Android. Kata Digital agency is known for:

  • Highly experienced developers.
  • Following of corporate ethics firmly.
  • Interactive and easy to use android apps.
  • Source code security.
  • Thorough app testing for bug free applications.
  • Cross device functionality across android devices.
  • Improved user experience.
  • On time and punctual.
  • Reasonable costs.