WordPress Web Development

WordPress is one of the most resourceful and widely used open source blogging software available on the web. It is basically used to create blogs and simple websites. Its popularity has increased over the past year and WordPress is being used to build websites for small businesses. Many people prefer wordpress because of its simple User Interface, selection of themes and a wide-range of plug- ins. WordPress has the most stylish content management system with vigorous architecture and it is very flexible. It can build plug-ins to suit your different needs.  It can make your website very user-friendly.

We at Kata Digital Agency design a website using WordPress as per your requirements and specifications. As a front line CMS development company, we offer our professional expertise and rich experience in a host of WordPress customization services. Our efficient professionals customize the software to suit your needs. We create customized websites including content, images, multimedia and other data that you can maintain easily. Our programmers use WordPress themes, modules, plugins and templates to beautify and functionalize your website. Our services include installation of wordpress, Creation and installation of a customized theme of your choice, Configuration of spam protection to prevent comment spam, Installation of your company logo and graphics, wordpress SEO etc.